The Perfect Paradise for Your Horses

Owning horses can be overwhelming, especially if you are handling it all by yourself. You spend a lot of money to feed and shelter them, as well as to keep them healthy. If you have a regularly busy schedule, matters only get worse because you cannot personally address their needs.

At Timberland Horse Ranch in Chicago Heights, IL, we take excellent care of your horses as if they are part of our family. We offer boarding, training, and breeding services for your equine friends at affordable rates.

About Our Ranch

Founded by Keith Gill, our ranch has been in business since 1986. It features an idyllic and charmingly rustic atmosphere that you, your family, and your friends will surely enjoy.

In addition, our property has various riding trails nearby. It also has both indoor and outdoor arenas, as well as vast stretches of grassy fields and pastures. Your horses will have plenty of open space to freely roam around and graze.

To make your horses feel extra comfortable, we have several round tents and heated rooms with direct televisions screened in-deck. For added convenience, your horses stay in our modern stalls that come with automatic waterers. With our 24-hour security systems, we keep them completely safe at all times.

Our Mission and Vision

The main goal of our company is to fully cater to all of your horses’ needs. We aim to be a ranch that you can always rely on whenever you need prompt horse care assistance.